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Alignment System Overhaul *First Draft*

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Alignment System Overhaul *First Draft*

Post by Luci Black on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:56 pm

Greetings to everyone in this academy. An inspiration struck me today and I have decided to do away with the "light" verses "dark" flavor of the current alignment system. Instead, I am replacing it with a pyramid structure. 


Rather than defining alignment based on "selfish" or "selfless", which is not an accurate measure, *both can be selfish and selflessness is generally a lie*, alignment will instead be defined by four angles. The following is the first draft for this new system.

Morningstar Academy Alignment System

1. Sol

Sol (The Sun) is a primarily judging angle. Sol is on the severity angle. Sol is a force of creation. 
Example: Sol is not a teacher. Sol is a master. Sol does not "guide" someone, Sol gives them directions and then forces them to follow them "for their own good".
While Sol, much like Luna, work to serve others, Sol tends to do this in a rather severe way. For example, Sol would "burn the witch" because "witches are evil". Sol can become extremely dogmatic due to the severity and judging angles it exists on.

Sol would also be quick to accuse and is not above lying if it believes it can fight something it considers "evil".

Since Sol's core nature is CREATIVE, Sol builds. Sol is an architect. Sol is a life giver.

Sol can easily sway towards Saturn, believing that destroying another for the sake of a group would be acceptable, even "righteous".

Sol can also easily sway towards Mars if its severity and judging causes it to become ruthless, aggressive and overbearing. 

Sol is also passionate, although not as obsessive about it as Mars.

2. Luna

Luna (The Moon) is on the passive angle. Luna is on the mercy angle. Luna is a force of preservation. Luna is patience and compassion.

Example: Luna is a guide, never a master. Luna is patient and compassionate and will never force. Luna will either offer a way to what they believe is better for someone or help someone find a way themselves.

Luna may withhold information if it believes this is needed. However, Luna prefers not to be entirely deceptive. Shifting to another alignment for Luna is less common, although Luna could shift towards Earth, due to its sense of reason and  generally peaceful nature.

Luna's core nature is PRESERVATION. Luna is a protector of life. Luna does not create new things, it uses what exists and tries to improve it. 

3. Mars

Mars is on the judging angle. Mars is on the angle of severity. Mars is the master. Mars is conflict.

Mars thrives on conflict. Mars is struggle and generally aggressive. Mars is ruthless. Mars rarely is forgiving. Mars is about war (conflict). 

Mars will do what ever it needs to to get its way. Mars is overbearing. Mars is generally more emotional than Saturn, although Mars can also cut right to the bone with its blunt nature. Mars resolves problems with a fight, never passivity. 

If Mars had a student, it would train them by placing them through great conflict. Pitting them against themselves, picking at their weaknesses. Mars would "sword fight" and at a higher potency, Mars might even make a cut or hold the "sword" to the student's throat, forcing them to see the error they are making. Mars deals only in severity, with "mercy" only given in jest. In other words, Mars would be of the nature to feign mercy, only to prove its strength and severity soon after. Mars often deals with those in its way by combat. In other words, Mars would not drop a bomb, Mars would use a sword or even a gun. Although, too much destruction will cause Mars to tilt towards Saturn.

Mars is a dictator, a tyrant. Mars can often expect more of others than they can manage to give and if they can not meet Mars's expectations, Mars generally will see this as weakness.
Mars will discard what is not useful to it, much like Saturn will. However, Mars will just discard it, while Saturn will also break it down to nothing. 

Mars is also passionate, just as Sol is. However, Mars tends to be more quickly obsessed with its passions than Sol, since Sol at least tries to serve others, even if its real reason for doing so is self serving in nature. 

Mars's core nature is CONFLICT. 

4. Saturn

Saturn is entropy. Saturn is destruction. Saturn is death and forced change. Saturn breaks systems down, rather than defeats them by an army like Mars would. Saturn deals with its problems by destroying or bringing "death" (an end). Saturn uses entropy (breaking down of things). Saturn will use entropy by allowing things to fall to ruin, even aiding the process itself. It can also use deception to help things break down, stagnate... or it might loose those of Mars on each other, and sit back as the war begins. 

Saturn is at its height perfectly patient. Saturn is "Kronos" (time). Saturn is colder emotionally than Mars. 

Saturn is hunger and consumption. Saturn is a hunger which can never be satisfied at its height. If Saturn is challenged, Saturn does not wage war, it just drops a nuclear warhead. That is its nature. Saturn tends to be uncompromising, which places it on the angle of severity as well.

If Saturn was teaching, Saturn focuses on breaking down the student to its core, then throwing it a "book", essentially. While Saturn can build systerms, it is always atop the clearly pummeled and flattened ash of systems it found to be problematic. 

While Saturn is not on the judging angle, when it does judge, it "drops a nuclear bomb" to make it simple.

Saturn's core nature is ENTROPY.

"I prefer people to remain blind and asleep.
It gives me an edge over them.
However, if they should awaken and rip off the blindfold,
I carry a lantern."

Head Academy Overseer - Luci Black
Luci Black
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Head Academy Overseer

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Re: Alignment System Overhaul *First Draft*

Post by Luci Black on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:28 am

The Two Pillars




Luci Black
Head Academy Overseer
Head Academy Overseer

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