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Your Success is Our Success

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Your Success is Our Success

Post by Luci Black on Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:14 am

Morningstar Academy is a new concept educational resource. By new concept, I refer to our open source branding as well as our commitment to not request state currency in exchange for use of our resources or access to our community. 

When I founded Morningstar Academy, I wanted to build a community. However, I did not desire to do so on the foundation of charity or a for profit system. Instead, I desired an institution which by its very foundation, promoted achievement and excellence of its participants. 

It is easy to pay a membership fee, get a little certificate or card and think it means something when it generally only means one had enough currency to waste on that trinket. Such funds could instead go to help fund cancer research, orphanages, stem cell research, life extension research, artificial intelligence or many other things including simply making life more enjoyable for the holder of those funds.

Our principal is simple. Why should students of Morningstar Academy give us state currency to invest when they are capable of investing themselves as well as in themselves? We do not require their state funds. Each of us already pays our state taxes and we invest our state funds as we see fit as individual Citizens

Due to this stance, Morningstar Academy does not offer certificates, cards or similar. In other words, membership does not exist, only participation, and participants will get out what they put in. 

"The greatest testament to the success of a student is their success in life. Morningstar Academy is only as successful as its most ambitious and excellent."

"I prefer people to remain blind and asleep.
It gives me an edge over them.
However, if they should awaken and rip off the blindfold,
I carry a lantern."

Head Academy Overseer - Luci Black
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