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The Union of Opposites *First Draft*

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The Union of Opposites *First Draft*

Post by Luci Black on Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:45 pm

The Union of Opposites

Morningstar Academy recognizes those who reach the thirty third degree as Morningstars. 

Mythologically or historically (depending on one's perspective), there were two notable Morningstars; Christ and Lucifer. 


While there is some argument regarding the term "Lucifer", for the sake of keeping things in perspective, this academy utilizes the mythos that Lucifer represents rebellion, independence and apotheosis. 

He was Prometheus who brought heavenly fire to the Greeks and "Nachash" (the shining one) who enticed Eve with forbidden knowledge.


Christ represents the "new human", an embodiment of the "perfect being" which protects, upholds and embodies divine order. Christ represents mercy, compassion, fair judgment and temperance. 

Both of these archetypes (or deities) are representations of their respective alignments. 

Christ  = Sol and Luna
Lucifer = Mars and Saturn

Dark and Light

While many would presume Lucifer is dark (evil) and Christ is light (good), they are incorrect. Both Lucifer and Christ are illumined ones. However, while one represents apotheosis (deification of self), the other represents perfect conformity and serenity with divine order. 

The two are opposites. However, Earth is a union of opposites; it is two things woven into one whole, separated yet united. Pain and pleasure, sorrow and joy, peace and discord, life and death. Such things are what makes this reality what it is. Without struggle, accomplishment means nothing. Without mortality, life becomes meaningless.

Word to the Wise

Morningstar Academy's alignment system is not about "good" or "evil", it is about the ways we solve problems; it is about lifestyle. It is not about being "edgy" if you are Mars or embracing total nihilism if you are Saturn. It is also not about trying to convert others to your faith or lack of it. Morningstar Academy's alignment system is intended as a tool to be used to better understand yourself as well as what you can become.

"I prefer people to remain blind and asleep.
It gives me an edge over them.
However, if they should awaken and rip off the blindfold,
I carry a lantern."

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