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Qualifications for 33rd Degree

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Qualifications for 33rd Degree

Post by Luci Black on Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:44 am

Qualifications for the 33rd Degree: Morningstar

Have fulfilled and continues to fulfill all civil obligations.
Must be affiliated with a political party or ideology.
Must be involved in at least one charitable cause.
Must have a personal philosophy or equivalent.
Must believe in a higher authority.
Must have a strong code of personal ethics.

Must have benefited civilization in ANY of the following:

A. Science
B. Public Service 
C. Military
D. Peace keeping
E. Emergency services
F. Law enforcement
G. Philanthropy
H. Religious 
I. Invention
J. Talent
K. Mentorship
L. Environment
M. Foreign Aid
N. Politics
O. Mathematics
P. Rehabilitation
Q. Equality
R. Medicine 

*Note* Atheists are not eligible for the official 33rd degree. However, they may receive an honorary 33rd degree.

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