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Deeper Work

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Deeper Work

Post by LoverofWisdom1 on Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:30 pm

Journal Entry #1
Date: Saturday, August 12th, 2017

Dear Journal, 

With the help of a very beloved friend, I have come across a few truths which I find are the healing antidote to my religious troubles. Firstly, I realize that, in the past, I've placed an (honestly) unhealthy over-emphasis on my beliefs, rather than on actual practice. This has been the cause of my spiritual restlessness. Secondly, I now understand that all of my attempts at finding a religion thus far have been but utter vanity. They originate from my desires to fit external molds. My religious identity, if it is to have any relevance, must be a product of my own internal convictions, of course coupled with the aforementioned reorientation towards cultivating a sincere devotional practice as well as a strong ethical code. I feel as though I will greatly benefit from a clearer, simpler statement of conviction. Beyond these, I will pay no more attention to metaphysical speculations which only serve to hinder my religious progress. Below, I have placed a set of my deepest understandings:

#1, There exist a myriad of deities and other spirit beings which permeate Nature. (I use ‘Nature’ here in the broadest sense to refer to the Infinite Universe.) Of the deities, one is Supreme. This One is the One I know as Deity or God, Ruler of gods and men (to be differentiated from The Great Spirit as described below). 

#2, Transcending the Universe, I envision a single Divine Essence or Force. This Force – henceforth known varyingly as The Force, The Great Spirit, The Over-soul, or by titles attributed to It – is the Originator of Being, the Ground of Existence. It is Infinite, Absolute. The Over-soul is not only The Creator, but also The Destroyer and The Re-creator. 
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