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Academy Charter

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Academy Charter

Post by Luci Black on Mon Jan 09, 2017 12:26 pm

The Academy Charter is a set of nine entitlements granted to all in this institution.


Head Academy Overseer, Luci Black


Academy Charter

1. Each is entitled to be treated with dignity and tolerance.

2. Each is entitled to the fruits of their labor.

3. Each is entitled to an equal opportunity to learn.

4. Each is entitled to security of their persons.

5. Each is entitled to not be discriminated against for reason of their faith or absence of faith.

6. Each is entitled to learn without the burden of financial contribution.

7. Each is entitled to privacy regarding their sex, nationality, ethnicity, location and race.

8. Each is entitled to fair discipline.

9. Each is entitled to protection from abusive public coercion, intimidation or exploitation.
Luci Black
Head Academy Overseer
Head Academy Overseer

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