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User Groups are Now Available!

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User Groups are Now Available!

Post by Luci Black on Sat Jan 14, 2017 7:23 pm


I am pleased to announce that Morningstar Academy will now permit user created groups!

User groups can be about a variety of things. For example, maybe you want to lead a group study project on astrology? Perhaps you want to build an anxiety support group? Maybe you just want to have an area where only people of your particular religion can interact or perhaps you desire to build a secret society? There are many possibilities.

There are two types of user groups at Morningstar Academy. They are as follows:

Temporary User Group

A temporary user group is called a Project. The purpose of a Project is for a group study or group project.
Projects are given one sub forum which is only visible to those part of the project.
Projects are closed after their time has expired and their content will be stored in a secure area.

Permanent User Group

A permanent user group is called a Society. The purpose of a Society is an interest group.
Societies are given one or more sub forums which are only visible to Society members.
If Societies become inactive for sixty days, they are closed and their content will be stored in a secure area.

In order to request a Project of Society, you have to meet a few qualifications.

1. You must have a minimum of three interested parties who also want to be part of the Project.
2. You must be an Initiate degree or above.
3. You must have 100 Academy Credits.
4. You must decide if this will be a temporary or a permanent user group.

If you meet these qualifications and are interested in requesting a Project or Society, send a private message to me detailing the reason you want the Project of Society as well a list of those who wish to join it. If everything checks out, your Project or Society will be created.

Thank you,

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