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Associate, Associate I° and Associate II°

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Associate, Associate I° and Associate II°

Post by Luci Black on Sun Jan 15, 2017 1:50 pm


Before I proceed to explain the three levels of Associate, I feel it important to clarify the difference between (Associate) and (Associate I° and II°)

Associate without the degree following their title is a term used for anyone who has joined this forum. It is the title given to all newly registered members. The additional two degrees of Associate are intended to be introductory. Once the two degrees are achieved and the Associate is enrolled, the Associate II° becomes an Initiate.

**Associate, regardless of degree following it is NOT an official degree of Morningstar Academy.**

Tier 0, has two levels.

1. Discovery
2. Identity

Prior to becoming an Initiate, you will begin a path of discovery. In your first journal, it is advised you ask three questions:

1. What do I want?

2. How can I get what I want?

3. Who am I as an individual?

The answers to these questions will likely change through the years. However, they are a great place to begin.

The next stage of Associate is Identity. Once again, three questions should be asked:

1. What do I like about myself?

2. What do I dislike about myself?

3. What can I change about myself?

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