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Academy Houses

Post by Luci Black on Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:48 am

Attention Associates:

Your House will be decided, prior to you being recognized as an Initiate. While the Overseers will take your preference into account, it is not the sole deciding factor of your placement.


Head Academy Overseer, Luci Black


Owls prize knowledge
We seek illumination
Owls are leaders
We master discipline and patience
Owls are principled
We value loyalty


Spiders prize secrecy
We are illusionists
Spiders are industrious
We master design
Spiders are guarded
We value vigilance


Serpents prize power
We are passionate
Serpents are cunning
We master deception
Serpents are selfish
We value they who serve us.


Butterflies prize transformation,
We embody change.
Butterflies are spirited,
We master movement.
Butterflies are intelligent,
We value adaptation.
Luci Black
Head Academy Overseer
Head Academy Overseer

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