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The Katipo

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The Katipo

Post by The Alien Prophecy on Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:04 pm

My life as a spider
Most people whether tey6 choose to admit it or not aer spiders. Most people spin webs of revenge  around people when they feel they have been  wronged sometimes almost leading to  a form of revenge.. The person after their lover of many years cheats.. the lover thats cheated on records the movements follows him   keeps a journal of  all the movement and then logs into his  facebook revealing too  all his friends the size of his penis... Come on we have all a  hidden  spider inside of us and have  bought it out to play from time to time. I myself  was betrayed  and reported someone through the  anonymous report lines of the  tax department welfare  department or in one case child welfare. Sometimes its important for us to  take back our power after we have been humiliated or betrayed to  get even nd why is that wrong whats your ideas ont his what experiences have you  had or simple what webs have you spun?
The Alien Prophecy
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Initiate of Spider House

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