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Morningstar Academy Terms and Conditions

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Morningstar Academy Terms and Conditions

Post by Luci Black on Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:18 pm

Morningstar Academy Terms and Conditions

1. All submitted written user created content immediately becomes the property of Morningstar Academy.

2. No submitted user created content will be sold by Morningstar Academy.

3. Guests, Associates, students and staff are not required to financially contribute to Morningstar Academy.

4. Morningstar Academy strives to provide a secure and discrimination free environment. To be successful, we prefer our Associates, students and staff to refrain from posting their sex, nationality, ethnicity, location or race. (This includes identifiable photos of themselves.)

5. By registering an account on Morningstar Academy, you agree to by bound by the Academy Charter as well as Academy Values, cited below:

Immediate Deactivation and Bans

While violating the Terms of Service of the website host will result in immediate banning of your account, Morningstar Academy prohibits seven additional deeds. They are as follows:

1. Favorable discussion of terrorism or terrorist acts.
2. Favorable discussion of treason or treasonous acts.
3. Advocating assassination of high profile persons either political or otherwise, even if joking.
4. Advocating vandalism.
5. Advocating the use of illegal substances.
6. Favorable discussion of violence against police officers.
7. Favorable discussion of violence against persons, animals or children.

Thank you.

Head Academy Overseer, Luci Black
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