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*OLD* Alignment System (Obsolete)

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*OLD* Alignment System (Obsolete)

Post by Luci Black on Sun Jan 29, 2017 2:04 pm


After lengthy consideration, I have instituted an alignment system and connected it to the Academy Credit system. The alignment system is defined below:

1. Openly selfish acts are aligned with Luna.
A. Utilising deception or exploiting another's weakness to get ahead are both examples of acts aligned with Luna.

2. Openly altruistic acts are aligned with Sol.
A. Exercising unconditional compassion, giving without expecting something in return and turning the other cheek are all examples of acts aligned with Sol.

3. Acts which do not fall under either Luna or Sol are aligned with Earth. 

4. If Sol and Luna aligned Academy Credits are balanced, Earth alignment will result.

5. Alignment points can be utilized as a form of credit in certain aligned Societies. 

6. Alignment points are recognized as Academy Credits. 

7. Acess to either Sol or Luna is available by request. (Private message Luci Black if you are interested and please include:)

      A. The alignment you are interested in. (Sol) or (Luna)
      B. The reason you are suited for that alignment.

8. Sol and Luna are NOT aligned Societies and access to either will NOT grant you entry to an aligned Society.

Thank you and good luck.

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It gives me an edge over them.
However, if they should awaken and rip off the blindfold,
I carry a lantern."

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